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Specialized home and auto insurance in Bountiful, UT

We’re an independently owned and operated agency and we deliver comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions in Bountiful, Utah and throughout Northern Utah. We’ve served individuals, families, and businesses since 2009 and we’re fully committed to giving every one of our clients the best insurance experience possible. We provide consultative services to understand clients’ needs and we create solutions based on the most affordable ways to meet these needs. Whether you need coverage for your home, car, commercial enterprise, or other, we can help you. 


We partner with different carriers to offer our clients the best selections of personal and commercial coverage and policy options. On the personal side we offer many broad programs, including home and auto.

Home insurance

Home insurance is often purchased on price, and because there’s a lot of competition in our area for home insurance, many homeowners have either too much or too little insurance.  Another reason for the imbalance of coverage for this type of insurance is that homeowners are sometimes uninformed about what they need. At First Priority Insurance we consult with you to ensure that your needs are understood and that you have a home insurance plan that meets these needs for the best price. Your premiums don’t have to be high in order for your protection to be complete.

To learn more see our home insurance page and/or contact an agent.

Auto insurance

Everyone has to have auto insurance. In Utah there are lot of open roads and therefore a lot of opportunities for people to get out and drive. For the same reasons as with home insurance, a full understanding of one’s needs is essential, and an insurer who understands how to meet these needs with an affordable solution is also essential. Auto insurance isn’t overly complicated but it requires attention to detail, and we’ll make sure that every detail of your vehicle and driving habits is scoured. See our auto insurance page for coverage options and/or ask an agent about more information. 


You can save on our auto insurance by combining it with your home insurance. You can also make extended coverage options available to yourself by doing this. See our home & auto page and/or ask your agent about a multi-line policy to find out more.

Beyond providing insurance products and services, we do a lot to contribute to the communities we serve. We sponsor and participate in local events and activities and we assist other organizations.

Community Involvement

From supporting local charities to participating in events and activities that celebrate the communities we serve, we’re involved in our service communities in ways that make the communities better places to live and work. We also assist organizations that help make the socio-economic climate of the areas we serve better. Overall, we believe in being active members of the communities we serve and in helping these communities blossom.

Our agency and getting in touch

We believe that the insurance experience should be easy and rewarding. As a client, you should be able to explain your needs and have these needs met for the right price. You should also be supported throughout the life of your policy, which means that someone should help you manage risk and claims. It also means that someone should help you stay informed. We’re the ones who help you manage risk and claims and who give you the information that you need to make the best decisions about your insurance. 


Whether you need questions answered, coverages changed, and/or help resolving a claim, we’ll be there to help you. We’re fully available, so contact us whenever you want. We welcome an inquiry from you so please contact us or give us a call. If you’re ready to start on a policy, feel free to request a quote.

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Customer Service


"I have never had an insurance agency more dedicated to keeping their customers happy. On top of the great service, they have also provided me with coverage that is by far cheaper than anyplace else I looked."
Ray P. SLC, UT
"First Priority Insurance got me a great rate! They are always there to answer questions and help me with all my insurance needs. Great Customer service!!!" -Haley J. SLC, UT
Haley J. Logan, UT
"They are always quick to respond to both emails and phone calls. They answer questions thoroughly, and they work hard to make sure we continue to have the best policy and insurance provider to meet our needs. I would highly recommend First Priority Insurance to anyone looking for insurance."
Ruth C. Bountiful, UT
"First Priority worked hard to find the best rates for my home, boat, and auto insurance. Great follow through to ensure proper charges and coverages. I highly recommend them and will use them as much as possible in the future.”
Mike N. Ogden, UT
"I have been a customer of First Priority Insurance for several years and I can honestly state that I have never worked with a more competent and helpful insurance agency. They are always willing to jump right in and help every time I call whenever that may be. I have received what can only be called excellent customer service from First Priority Insurance. I have recommended them to many of my friends and I recommend them to any one who reads this."
Cliff P. West Valley City, UT